The Problem

Over $900 Billion Dollars of Counterfeit Goods Flood Global Markets Annually

The global counterfeit market is far more than just knock-off designer handbags and pirated DVD's. Fake products include life-saving medications, aircraft parts, military equipment, building materials, food, wine, documents and much, much more.

These are criminal enterprises that profit from child labor, ignore quality and safety regulations and damage legitimate businesses. If something is being produced, it's likely that it is being counterfeited. The problem is rampant, and growing. As an example, some experts estimate that fake drugs cause over 700,000 deaths annually!

(Sources: US Chamber of Commerce, FAA, & World Health Organization.)

Current Authentication Solutions Are Easily Defeated

Consumers, law enforcement (and even sometimes manufacturers and brands themselves) have difficulty determining whether a product is real or fake. The producers of fake medications, electronics, and industrial parts are highly sophisticated - and can produce products and packaging that is practically indistinguishable from the real thing. Current authentication methods (such as the inclusion of hologram stickers) are easily defeated and practically useless in the fight against counterfeiting.

Can you spot the fake battery?

Fast. Easy. Convenient.

Now Brands Have The Technology To Fight Back

Smartphone + Secure Tag = Reliable Authentication


Unique, secure NFC tags with (optional) 2D barcodes are integrated with products or packaging.


Consumers use their smartphones to scan or tap the NFC tag and verify or register products - in seconds.


Product identification information is shared securely between manufacturers, brands and MADEID.


We gather data and information that help brands and law enforcement identify sources of fraudulent goods.

Secure NFC tags will make counterfeit products history

Significant cost reductions in NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies coupled with the global popularity of network connected smartphones capable of reading the tags presents an opportunity to significantly reduce the problem of counterfeit goods.

Manufacturers and brands can now cost-effectively integrate smart and secure NFC/2D barcode tags into products and packaging - tags that can be quickly and easily read by over two billion existing phones!

The tags provide real-time verification, are extremely difficult to defeat, yet they're affordable and easy to integrate with products and packaging.

A Complete Solution

Our team can work with any brand or manufacturer to seamlessly integrate a mobile product authentication and registration process into your existing supply chain.

The secure MADEID platform uses sophisticated algorithms to assess the likelihood that a scanned item is counterfeit, and stores transactional data that enables brands and law enforcement to identify sources of fake products. And our partner brands have 24/7 access to a secure portal that allows a customized mobile and desktop consumer experience.

2 Billion Product Scanners Are Ready For Action

The MADEID platform enables consumers to quickly authenticate and register products at any time or place - with a simple scan or tap from any Apple, Windows, or Android smartphone. While secure NFC is preferred, 2D barcodes can be incorporated to be compatible with nearly all existing smartphones.

Register Products In Seconds

And MADEID provides more than product authentication...

Product recalls are on the rise. An increasingly competitive global marketplace places pressure on manufacturers to reduce costs and time-to-market. At the same time, government regulations and consumer expectations place stringent demands on product quality and performance. For example, the FDA now orders recalls on around 40 medical devices each day! Recently, Keurig recalled 7 million coffee makers, and Boeing grounded its entire 787 fleet due to battery failures.

Such recalls, if not addressed quickly and adequately, can seriously damage a manufacturer's reputation and their bottom line. In the event of such failures, brands need a fast and effective way to communicate with consumers.

With integrated product registration and warranty management, MADEID provides the solution. Now, connecting with customers for upgrades, maintenance issues or recalls is just a single tap or scan away!

Platform Features

Real-Time Authentication

Provides manufacturers, consumers and law enforcement with immediate product authentication.

Mobile Compatible

Utilizes billions of existing smartphones for multiple operating systems.

Global Reach

Monitor and track product registration and authentication attempts globally.


Cloud based system that readily scales to track millions of units.

Alert Triggers

Email and text alerts are available based on product location, type and other registration attributes.

Fraud Investigation

Fraudulent product scans activate a defined anti-fraud process to help stop the spread of fake goods.

Integrated Marketing

MADEID creates a powerful new consumer touchpoint which offers multiple marketing opportunities.

Backwards Compatible

Dual scanning methods delivers the most effective authentication via 2D barcodes and/or secure NFC chips.


Product authentication and registration data is available in a variety of reporting formats.


Seemless integration with existing ERP and manufacturing systems.

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